School Management Software

SVGS SMS is a revolutionary school management software introduced to simplify the complexities faced in daily school operations. Within no time, SVGS has reached millions of people and now it is been used by many of educational institutions all over the globe for all management, administration and education related activities. Use TechnoSchools MIS to effectively manage processes and operations related to teachers, students, courses, employees and soon. TechnoSchools is a customizable software that suits for a variety of educational institutions.
We are introducing advanced education management and school management system to enhance todays educational process. Our SVGS SMS is unique school software that is to use by all-the students, the teachers, the parents, the school staffs and the school admin in particular. Running a school successfully and helping students in learning the best way possible is a challenging task. We understand how much you need to effort to do all these jobs.
Our system is unique in a way that it offers a genuine and natural integrated process to help maintain effective relationship between parents, teachers, students and the administrative body. Our effective management software module is simple to operate that would allow authorities of schools to store records of huge volume of required data for future references. Our effective management system stores data without manipulating them. All calculations done through our system is authentic. Stored data and records can also be retrieved at any moment, when necessary. Our integrated management software also helps to access information through the internet medium. Individuals are able to access data related to test scores, attendance reports, grading, scheduling, discipline and even demographic information. Our software system is highly user friendly in nature. They do not involve any complicated operational structure that helps you to operate the entire system smoothly. However, high security measurements of our system offer the opportunity to limit its access to all staffs of any organization.

Web Designing

Your website design along with the rest of your branding is the mirror image of your business on the internet and on the market in general. Main features of website design are uniqueness and recognition. Even if the company is well-organized, a poor design & brand expression can ruin everything. That’s why it is always important to implement outstanding web design and maintain unique brand expression.


Websites range from brochure websites to large portals that incorporate social network systems, search, database, video integration, programming and a custom made content management systems. Thus development is a complex process requiring serious approach and an attention to detail. While for us it is thoINDIAnds of lines of unique, sophisticated code, we make it look like web pages that are beautifully designed and perform specific functionality for our customers. We help businesses with strategy to implementation of their complete online presence. Taking into consideration their target audience, target geography, business culture & mission, we work towards creating a stunning online presence to help them attract prospects and open up new sales channels.

Social Marketing

Did you know 78% of small businesses attract new customers through Social Media. Social is the new way of engaging your prospects & fans and staying connected. It's imperative for Businesses to have a social presence to be able to connect with their target audience and drive in customers. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn help you reach out to any demographic anywhere in the world. As part of our Social Marketing services we help businesses manage their social media accounts, create useful engaging content and promote them through targeted social ads. Social Marketing is also part of the SEO strategy in helping drive targeted traffic to the websites. We optimize & promote your website through content marketing and help them rank on top of search engines for your target keywords.

Search Engine Optimization

We optimize websites to rank better on search engines for your targeted keywords. We strictly follow Organic SEO approach to get you on top through complete white hat approach. Content is what drives most of our SEO campaigns. We produce quality & informative content for users that helps create multiple incoming channels for traffic. Google crawls & caches these content giving more importance to your website. SEO is a perfect way to drive in leads constantly and consistently to your site for a long time.