School Management Software

SVGS SMS is a revolutionary school management software introduced to simplify the complexities faced in daily school operations. Within no time, SVGS has reached millions of people and now it is been used by many of educational institutions all over the globe for all management, administration and education related activities. Use TechnoSchools MIS to effectively manage processes and operations related to teachers, students, courses, employees and soon. TechnoSchools is a customizable software that suits for a variety of educational institutions.
We are introducing advanced education management and school management system to enhance todays educational process. Our SVGS SMS is unique school software that is to use by all-the students, the teachers, the parents, the school staffs and the school admin in particular. Running a school successfully and helping students in learning the best way possible is a challenging task. We understand how much you need to effort to do all these jobs.
Our system is unique in a way that it offers a genuine and natural integrated process to help maintain effective relationship between parents, teachers, students and the administrative body. Our effective management software module is simple to operate that would allow authorities of schools to store records of huge volume of required data for future references. Our effective management system stores data without manipulating them. All calculations done through our system is authentic. Stored data and records can also be retrieved at any moment, when necessary. Our integrated management software also helps to access information through the internet medium. Individuals are able to access data related to test scores, attendance reports, grading, scheduling, discipline and even demographic information. Our software system is highly user friendly in nature. They do not involve any complicated operational structure that helps you to operate the entire system smoothly. However, high security measurements of our system offer the opportunity to limit its access to all staffs of any organization.


Admission Module

Admission Management Module handles the entire Admission Process of Students. It helps educational institutions manage enquiry forms & application forms; student registration and admission approval. Manage student registration and admission approval for specific classes and sections.Right from the stage of admission tests/interviews to assignment of the right class and section to the newly admitted student, this module allows for efficient management of the entire admission process.

Student Attendance Module

Student Attendance is reflection of discipline and punctuality of the student. Every educational institution wants the tracking of attendance to be error free and effortless. Applane's Attendance Management modules helps manage Student attendance and leaves. Attendance information is automatically transferred to Report Cards to reduce the faculty's effort. Teachers can use this module to send SMS/e-mails to parents in cases of below par student attendance, to help parents track attendance and take timely corrective measures.

Finance Module

This is unarguably a function that has the undivided attention of the school management and parents. Thus, making this process error free and effortless is high on SVGS priority list. Not only has the module been designed to incorporate the basic elements, it has also been augment with a special feature. It allows the management to track different receipts and miscellaneous collections. Periodic reports generated by this module are sent to the management. Asset & Expense Management module helps managing the purchase lifecycle through the system and ensures that asset ownership is established and assets are well managed. It helps optimize expenses through mapping of business function and expense. Finance Management module helps educational institutions gives a birds eye-view of key finance data and enable optimized use of the resources. It helps manage ledger entries & vouchers, reconcile and prepare P&L, Balance Sheets through an easy and intuitive interface. It also provides the functionalities to manage accounts across defined Profit Centers and enhance visibility of high growth centers. Auto-generated standard statutory reports make it easier for schools to meet governance and compliance requirements.

Academic Module

The Examination & Evaluation Management module is an integral part of the SVGS Examination & Evaluation Suite. Schools can set up their own the marking system, activities and assigns optional subjects as required. It is a robust, scalable and user-friendly solution for converting marks into Grades according to Board (CBSE, State) Guidelines and generate Report Cards (including CCE pattern). With report card customization options.

Alumni Module

Alumni are the brand ambassadors of their educational institutions and managing Alumni relations is an important activity from the perspective of school branding. The Alumni Management module manages the alumnus of a school in a professional and organized manner.

Searching Module

Educational institutions have to handle enormous amounts of student data for efficient functioning of the education delivery mechanism. Managing student information without automation is a resource intensive and time consuming activity which invariably leads to errors and inefficiencies. Applane's Student Information Management module allows schools to record and manage all student-level data: admission information, contact details, parent information, etc. This module serves as a central reference database for information about all students and can be used to export customized lists of students based on different parameters.